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Jacmus is a collaboration of writers with passionate voices on topics covering science, society, philosophy, environment, current affairs, government, politics, technology, business, religious, cultural and justice systems.

Our aim is to challenge the way you perceive the world around you, by broadening your view point about important issues affecting people from all over the globe.

By sharing viewpoints and debating key issues that affect our Human civilisation, our goals are to explore, discover and educate ourselves, and our audience on topics where ignorance, or denial of factual proof ingrained by mythical belief systems, peer or family pressure, mental and emotional rewards, can be a difficult undertaking to overcome.

Jacmus provides you with an opportunity to think and learn for yourself by challenging your own mindset and reasoning.

Education, especially truthful discussion about our world’s history, influential historical figures, existing science theories, biographies of scientists and their achievements, as well as other influential figures of the late Twentieth Century to current times is a key feature of Jacmus.The development of the Human civilisation should not be distorted by mere speculation or false information pushed by dictators, governments or organizations seeking power and suppression of truth. Jacmus is a platform for providing factual information supported by evidence that proves theories, as well as a forum and discussion panel for exploring unproven theories presented with logical arguments and reasoning.

What fun activities can you do at Jacmus?

At Jacmus you can participate in article discussions through our commenting system or join us on our Facebook page.  You can read our articles, post comments and view all sections of multi-author blog without registering.

We highly encourage you to question, dissect and disagree with our writers’ beliefs and opinions in a meaningful and polite manner.

Constructive feedback is always encouraged whether it be positive or negative, and commentators are encouraged to challenge our writers with questions and facts. If in agreement Jacmus encourages you to elaborate and provide additional information to support presented arguments within the Jacmus Community.

Learn more about Jacmus

Jacmus – We Are All Going to Hell in a Red Lamborghini currently has four separate sections:

Pale Blue Dot
News Spectrum

Our longer informative and opinionated articles are the showcase of the site and their updates take pride on the homepage of our site.  This section is then categorised into different topics.

News SpectrumFrom Around the Pale Blue Dot contains selected World news articles that are relevant to current affairs.

Inside Jacmus is updated with latest administration updates and frequently asked questions.

Jacmus’ Multimedia includes selected:

  • YouTube  videos put forward by our growing commuity on our Facebook Community Page.
  • Memes created by our writers and community members which are free to use on Social Media Websites and personal blogs. If you use our memes we’d be delighted if you could include a link to either our multi-author blog Jacmus.com, or to our Facebook Community Page.   (Other images, including images on this site that are not meme’s may be prohibited from use at other websites due to copyright laws.  If you would like to use one of Jacmus’ images, please Contact Jacmus first, to check copyright and permission for use.)
  • Social Media Twitter picks of the week – hand picked social media tweets about atheism, religion, government, politics, news and even a few tweets that made us laugh real hard.
  • Twisted Image Galleries.  These image galleries are little bit more out there then your normal informative image gallery. Some are sure to make your laugh, while others may you require you to have a tissue handy near by.  Themes include space, atheism and religion, science, environment, society and travel picks.
  • If you have a picture that you believe would be ideal for one of our image galleries please email jacmus@jacmus.com.

In each of these sections you can learn more about the thoughts and opinions of our writers and more about how to enjoy Jacmus – We are all going to hell in a red Lamborghini.

Why you should support Jacmus

Jacmus is part of a group sites on varying and informative topics. Our Writers mostly write for the love of the topics they are exploring, but we’d love to remunerate them and advertise our sites to the greater online community.  Remuneration for our regular Writers is based on a profit share program. You can help our Writers to keep challenging the mindset of the World by:

  • supporting our advertisers if their products are of interest.
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Any support that you can provide is appreciated.  We value the power of networking, community support and referrals.

If you have a blog or your own YouTube channel that focuses on one of our topics we would be interested in including your blog or site in our Links section.  Links are randomly shown in the footer of the majority of our pages and posts as well as side columns in other sections of the site. A full list of links is also  included in our new Media section.


Enjoy browsing and reading the articles on our site. We wish you a wonderful and safe journey. The Authors and greater community of Jacmus welcome you back to browse and enjoy anytime.