The Jacmus Group is a Product Brand name given to a group of websites and blogs administered by Tina Dubinsky Freelance Writer, a popular online writer as Tinsky on HubPages.

Jacmus Product Brand

Currently with three independent active websites, a further three websites will be added to the Product Brand prior to June 2013. Including  Jacmus (where you are now) , the RPG Chat Network, Jacmus Prime World Building, U-Foria & Jacmus Prime RPG, each site has a uniqueness designed to entertain & educate a wide audience.

Small Australian Business – Tina Dubinsky Freelance Writer

The Jacmus Group contains informative, controversial, educational and fun website products that are licensed to Tina Dubinsky Freelance Writer.  Located in the shady and first master planned suburb of Brisbane, Forest Lake, Queensland, Australia, Writer, Editor, Social Media and Online Webmaster Tina Dubinsky has over 15 years experience in Business Management including Human Resources, Finance, Research, Sales and Marketing.  Tina holds a Certificate IV in Human Resource Management from the Australian Human Resources Institute as well a Certificate in Entrepreneurship, Degree Diploma in Music, Advanced Diploma in Acting and a certificate in HTML Web Design. Tina’s passion for writing extends beyond her vast and varied experience in Business Management beginning as a young Australian playwright.

Tina is also a Justice of the Peace (Qualified) in the State of Queensland, Australia and has been passionate about Human rights, environment and politics since an early age.  Tina was a Christian until 1999 when she began to realise her inner reasons for seeking solace in Christianity was fundamentally flawed especially since she had never been able to resolve the inconsistencies within the Bible since a young age.  Since 1999, Tina has been broadening her knowledge and literacy of science and shedding her beliefs in religion.

The Australian Business Number for Tina Dubinsky Freelance Writer is 14632643578.